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Happy kids

Less School Absences!

Our ADHD Clinic provides services for children and teenagers with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ ADHD), as well as its commonly associated behavioral problems and sleeping issues.

We pride ourselves for having a System in place to lessen the number of school absences resulting from frequent office visits required for medication refills.

A Wide Range of Services

  • Comprehensive evaluations and ADHD Testing 
  • Medication Intervention
  • Parent Training / Behavior Management
  • Social Skills Training

Compassionate Care!

We care about your child's feelings and opinion. Often times, children with ADD/ADHD get very frustrated with themselves for having difficulty focusing on tasks, processing information, and being nonstop busy. They are often confused and left with a feeling of being misunderstood by everyone, including themselves. We can help with that.
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Our vision is to serve the community by providing quality mental health services to children and families in the upstate of South Carolina.
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